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Ready for Anything teaches children and young people resilience skills, allowing them to deal with life’s challenges safely and positively and to develop to their maximum potential.

Ready for Anything will foster better mental health among children and young people - equipping them to recognise and regulate their emotions, cope with whatever life throws at them, make positive choices and bounce back from inevitable setbacks.

Fostering resilience in children is increasingly being recognised as vitally important. The Education and Training Inspectorate has highlighted building resilience in children as a key factor in educational progress.

It is widely acknowledged that early intervention is the most effective way to deal with poor mental health and other associated issues which hold children back.

About Us

Ready for Anything courses have been developed by the founder of Ready for Anything, Natalie Whelehan.

She has over 13 years experience and expertise in the field of children’s rights law, policy and research and has an in-depth understanding of the legal and policy arena relating to children’s lives, particularly regarding mental health and education. She is also experienced in delivering training to groups of children and young people.

Ready for Anything is an Unltd Award Winner for Positive Social Impact.



Ready for Anything courses have been developed using robust research into the most effective resilience models.

Courses are delivered through a series of workshops as an after school activity in primary and post-primary schools, in nursery and youth and community settings. Holiday clubs are also available.

Workshops focus on the core components of resilience, exploring various aspects of these so that children can attend all year and learn new and strengthen core skills in a fun, age appropriate and non-intrusive manner.

Some of the key themes include -

  • My Life - Who am I and what is important to me
  • Emotional Recognition and Control – Recognising and controlling my emotions
  • Confidence – What I am proud of
  • Connection – Who matters to me
  • Competence – What I am good at
  • Character - Making safe choices and being true to me
  • Contribution – I am important and have a lot to say
  • Children’s Rights – What I am entitled to

Ready for Anything will nurture, develop and strengthen resilience skills and improve the wellbeing of children. This means helping children to:

  • recognise, control and regulate emotions
  • experience less stress and deal with anxiety positively
  • be physically and emotionally strong and healthy
  • be playful and happy
  • feel good about themselves and confident in their own abilities
  • make positive and safe choices
  • be more social and aware of the value of connections at home and in their communities
  • trust others and feel comfortable about sharing feelings
  • support their peers and seek help from peers and adults
  • take the initiative and actively participate
  • cope better with everyday challenges
  • solve problems with confidence.

Workshop Activities

The workshops promote strengths known to be important aspects of resilience, such as self-esteem, self-confidence, self-efficacy, and self-perception.

Courses will strengthen social interaction and peer support by encouraging good communication, group collaboration, mutual trust, understanding and tolerance. Each workshop is a mixture of carefully selected activities that intend to:

  • Relax the children and make them feel comfortable being together
  • Give them an opportunity to play and have fun together
  • Encourage sharing of experiences and feelings
  • Provide the children with tools and knowledge that can help them cope with life experiences, setbacks and challenges
  • Promote trust, collaboration and cooperation

To promote the development of personal and interactive skills and strengths and to make sure fun is central to learning, activities are presented using participatory learning techniques including Demonstration, Energizers, Songs and Jingles, Games, Brainstorm and Buzz groups, Discussion, Problem solving, Visioning, Role-play, Case study and more.

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